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Guy-Alexander-ChristchurchEquine surgery

Guy completed his veterinary degree at Massey University in 1989. After two years in mixed practice in Raglan, Guy headed to the UK. Several years of mixed practice followed, before spending a year at the Large Animal Hospital of Liverpool University. This experience convinced Guy that he wanted to specialise in equine surgery, and he started a residency programme in equine surgery at Murdoch University, Perth in 1999.

Staff surgeon at Dubai Equine Hospital

After three years at Murdoch, and a further two at Goulburn Valley Equine Hospital, Shepparton, Victoria, Guy joined a private racetrack practice in Perth. After obtaining his Fellowship in Equine Surgery in 2005, Guy took the opportunity to work in Dubai. Guy accepted a position as staff surgeon at Dubai Equine Hospital in 2007, and remained there until returning to NZ at the end of 2011.

Guy joined Canterbury Equine Clinic in early 2012, and worked there until mid 2013. After two months locum work in Perth in 2013, Guy returned to Canterbury to start Pegasus Equine Referrals.

Equine surgery and lameness diagnosis

Guy has a broad range of experience in equine surgery and lameness diagnosis. He is also a member of ISELP, an international veterinary society focused on lameness, with particular emphasis on diagnostic musculo-skeletal ultrasonography.

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